Scotts Performance Products - Montrose, CA, US
We started our business in a small Automotive shop in Glendale California doing repairs and setting up suspension for local racers. Our popularity and performance gained momentum in a hurry and we had to move to our current location in Montrose in September of 1974. Starting with 2 employees, we then expanded our line up to include accessories for all facets of off-road motorcycling. George Capodieci and Steve Zollinger joined the company in it's early stages and are still with it, 25 years later. George was interested in the suspension and machine shop end of the business and was soon to take over that division. Steve fit right into the management position for the retail store and soon-to-be dealer network. We all were very active in off-road racing. Scott, the owner, became an active Baja 1000 racer between the years of 1987 - 1995. Winning the Baja 1000 in 1992, Ensenada to La Paz, on S.C.O.R.E.'s 25th Anniversary was one of the highlights in his racing career. Many of the products we manufacture now were developed during those racing years. We have now grown into an international market and coupled with our website, we supply products all over the world. We are all still very involved with motorcycle riding and the issues surrounding our sport. We hope we can serve you some time in our near future.