Rollon Throttle - Liberty, SC, US

Rollon Throttle was conceived in 2002 to satisfy the my personal need to control the extreme rush of 4 stroke power without detuning the motor with heavy flywheels, mild cams or ignition mapping. From that need came our patent applied design of an increasing radius cam. It is soft on the bottom and quickly increases to faster than stock throttle rotation. From our Lighting 18% faster response to our Ultra 50% more control, we have developed cam ratios for all needs. Our throttles are made from an industrial plastic that is as slick as Teflon and tougher that any other stock throttle. It?s so tough that it is guaranteed unbreakable for dirt applications.

Who am I? I?m Steve Lewis and I created Rollon. Here's my bio just so you know Rollon is for real and made by a real racer for racers and why I ask so much from those I sponsor...I'm 56, racing 37 years nonstop, 5 years as pro in the Tony D/ Howerton era ( a long time ago), best national finish 22nd (I don't remember the year 75 maybe), 6 Loretta Lynn's titles in three different decades 80's, 90's and 00 was the last one.