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Ride Engineering - Costa Mesa, CA, US

RIDE ENGINEERING specializes in race proven products that customize your motorcycle to optimize Performance, Handling, and Enhance the Appearance.  All Ride Engineering products are Made in the USA, since 2001 our products have been track tested by Professional Racers and a number of Supercross Teams.  By combining rider feedback with our engineering expertise, we produce the highest quality bolt- on products available at a fair price.  When you’re ready to get the most out of your machine, make sure to ask for Ride Engineering products by name!

Ride Engineering Building
Adrian Ciomo is a degreed mechanical engineer with a master's in marketing and a passion for motorcycles that he has had since his teens. He is still an avid motocross rider frequently testing Ride products for function and durability on pavement, off-road and motocross. Prior to starting RIDE, Adrian spent over four years as product manager for Yamaha's Accessory Division working closely with most of the Yamaha backed race teams in motocross, road race, freestyle and off-road. These experiences motivated him to form RIDE ENGINEERING, a company that brings factory inspired products to riders of all major brands.