Ride Concepts - Thunder Bay, ON, US

Ride Concepts Inc. is a federally incorporated business.
It was founded by Tapio Niivila of Thunder Bay, Ontario in the fall of 2006.

Ride Concepts Inc. is the only real suspension shop in northwestern Ontario that is owned and operated by a licensed motorcycle mechanic/suspension technician with over a decade of experience.

We use onboard data aquasition technology to assist us in developing and constantly improving our wide range of suspension settings.

Ride Concepts Inc. is the only Canadian suspension shop in the country
that develops, manufactures, tests, and distributes suspension components globally.

We are very proud to offer real world class suspension modifications for a reasonable price.

We are very proud to be Canadian.

Our products and services are used very successfully all over the world.

Our suspension mods easily go head to head with the best available in the industry.