Ready Racing - San Diego, CA, US

Ready Filterâ„¢ Delivers Performance, Convenience, Value to Grateful Dirt Bike Market

Company Debuts Industry’s First-Ever, Pre-Oiled Motocross Air Filter

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA Ready Racing announced that it is now shipping Ready Filter, its much anticipated line of ultra performance, pre-oiled air filters for off-road motorcycles.� Ready Filters are industry standard 2-stage foam air filters, but unlike other air filters on the market, they are pre-treated with oil at the factory and then vacuum-sealed for the user’s convenience. � Since no additional oil treatment is necessary for most conditions, the customer can simply open the package, install the air filter, and begin using it immediately.

The company has teamed with Maxima® Racing Oils and exclusively uses state-of-the-art Maxima FFT® Foam Filter Treatment on all production filters.� Each Ready Filter package also contains a pair of disposable gloves for installation.� Ready Filters can be cleaned and reused similar to other foam air filters.� Retail price for the filters is $9.95 and they are available for most motocross and off-road motorcycles, as well as selected ATVs.

“The introduction of Ready Filter sets a new benchmark for performance, convenience and price. At $9.95 retail, it is now affordable for the average rider to run a fresh, brand new air filter more often,” said Tony Sanfilippo, Vice President of Ready Racing. � “Factory riders always run fresh, new filters because they can’t afford to risk performance on a filter that’s been cleaned over and over. � We wanted to level the playing field by enabling any racer or rider to have the same advantage and convenience.”

Ready Racing is committed to bringing innovative products to the powersports marketplace.� Ready Racing has redefined the price/value equation in the foam air filter category and added a new level of ready-to-use convenience.