Motul - Pomona, CA, US

Motul Lubricants has been around for more then 150 years. Originally owned by Swan & Finch (New York) until 1957 when Motul became it's own entity and was moved to France. In 1989 Motul USA was born and is now one of the most recognized oil companies in the states.

Motul implements a permanent modernization policy to remain at the cutting edge of technology and to preserve its leading position in its sector: and independent group of international reputation, recognized for the quality of its products and its ability to innovate. The brand's development is based on the company's expertise in Research and Development and its ongoing effort to improve the performance of its products and services. Relations with Motul customers and partners are based on a customer-oriented approach, combined with loyalty and obligation of result. Through dedication to quality and commitment, Motul pushes back the limits further and further. Resulting in total satisfaction of its customers.

Motul's R&D capacity is based on its own resources, divided into two units working in power sports and automotive. The extensive resources dedicated to R&D are a guarantee of the constant search for improvement and innovation. Apart from the engineers and chemists in the Motul laboratory in France, the operational units are also involved in the brand's R&D activity. Their own technicians work in close contact with the local manufacturers (Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Singapore, USA) in the following fields: Development of new Lubricants- Research focusing on racing Future technology.

Motul's flagship is ESTER. Ester technology was initially designed for the aeronautic industries. Motul was the first lubricant manufacturer to recognize and to use this technology in the formulation of 100% synthetic oils. The brand's reputation in product quality and performance is based on the know-how and experience of Motul engineers in the formulation of ester-based 100% synthetic lubricants. As you'll see, many competing companies have chosen to use ester technology because of its superior protection and cleanliness.