MotoLift - Wrightstown, PA, US

Thank you for your interest in the MOTOLIFT by Good Stuf Racing. As a motocrosser from way back, the inventor of the MOTOLIFT knew the time had come for a change in the way maintenance is performed. With proper installation and operation of this device, you will discover maintenance of your off-road motorcycle lifted from the dark ages of the milk crate and onto one of the most remarkable innovations of the twenty-first century.

Easy. Stable. Secure. Comfortable.

Operation of the MotoLift is described in these four simple words.

Whether you are a professional or a home enthusiast, MotoLift’s innovative and solid design will enable you to perform routine maintenance faster, easier, more securely, and with far more comfort than when using a standard milk crate or similar device. There is no other tool quite like the MotoLift.

At rest, the MotoLift stands just 19" tall, but will safely raise your clamped bike to a height of 35", permitting you to stand upright rather than hunched over while working. With the added benefit of tremendous stability, the front or rear end of the bike can be removed without the danger of the bike shifting position.