MOTOCROSSVEST.COM - Mission, TX, US is Not a Distributor - All our vests are designed in house and manufactured in-house. Our Vests are made with 1680,1050 Denier Ballistic & 3 colors come in 850 Junior Ballistic Nylon. Ballistic Nylon is a thick, tough synthetic nylon fabric originally developed by the DuPont Corporation as material for flack jackets. Ballistic nylon was developed to protect its wearers from flying debris and fragmentation caused by bullet or artillery shell impacts. Same material used in Bullet Proof Vest. Foam protection technology is customized and protection difference is especially apparent at high speed impact. The soft contouring material instantly dissipates force upon impact. Motocross Vest is in the business of providing protection against both serious and minor injury among motorized sports participants. Such injuries may include painful bruises, broken ribs, spleen and kidney injuries, and more. The primary function of the Safety Vest is to improve performance and confidence. The product may also serve to protect its wearer from more severe outcomes resulting from extreme body force trauma.