MANDINGO Pickles - Owosso, MI, US

With times being tough and finding a job even tougher in the winter of 2008, two brothers took the plunge into a sea of uncertainly looking for their way out of the unemployment line. They were looking for a means without “working for the man.”  With the impending pressures of unemployment and bills adding up for these friends, something had to change and as a result MANDINGO Pickles was born. Owosso, Michigan, the home of MANDINGO Pickles, was once a manufacturing hotbed that has since faded.  Proud of their roots, the MANDINGO Pickles Crew wants to put their town back on the map.
Motocross has played a large role in shaping the lives of the MANDINGO Pickles Crew.  The demands of a sport like motocross requires self-motivation, independence, adaptablitly, and discipline if any amount of success is to be achieved.  Growing up in blue collar families, “getting by” didn’t leave much for expensive hobbies, but if there is a will there is a way.  From sleeping in cars, driving around the country, skipping school, and numerous trips to the emergency room, many sacrifices have been made and many lessons learned. We are now applying these acquired fundamentals and they have since become the backbone of MANDINGO Pickles.
Any person that shares such a great passion knows the satisfaction that perserverance can bring. The years of hard work and dedication eventually yielded many rewards for the MANDINGO Pickles Crew, such as flying to races, staying at respectable hotels, pay checks, and being chauffeured throughout Europe. MANDINGO Pickles now wants to give back to the sport that has given them so much over the years.  See you at the races…