Mafia Moto Crew

Mafia Moto Crew - CA, US

Mafia Moto Crew is an apparel brand based on the behind the scenes grit it takes to be a motocrosser. There is a long line of MX racers, since the late 70's, dubbed the MAFIA. They were the baddest of the bad. Mafia riders had no problem riding and racing in the worst of weather conditions. Most of the time they rode on worn out equipment without receiving the exposure or respect they deserved nationwide. When it came down to it, Mafia riders were some of the strongest riders and a lot reached the top level of motocross. This no quit attitude and determination has made the MAFIA a crew of respected standouts.

MAFIA riders were notorious for undermining authority and they always stuck together. That is what the MAFIA Moto Crew strives to uphold today. Based on the traditional stance of its riders, the MAFIA Moto crew is customizable to be made your own. New chapters are popping up all over the globe. Is your posse represented?