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Loud Mouth Intakes - Palm Coast, FL, US

The Loud Mouth Intakes are the leading clamp on style filter systems in the motocross industry. It's the only intake setup that replaces the thumb screw configuration with a cage-less air filter that ultimately simplifies everything within the air box and removes obstructions from the intake tract. Just like the aftermarket automotive and other motosports industries, the clamp on style filter design is the most efficient setup for better airflow, a superior seal that keeps dirt out of your engine, and filter maintenance so easy that you can spend more time on the track and less time worrying about whether or not your air filter is on correctly. Performance gains with the Loud Mouth Intakes are so impressive that they've received perfect reviews from the industry's top magazines and have our customers calling in daily to thank us. Our team has the knowledge and experience to improve the quality of your riding experience with the best intake design in the history of the sport. We have support from Twin Air, No Toil and DT1 Filters.
Everything we do is happening right here in the USA and we are super proud to be manufacturing in house. We hope you can become a new icon for our company in our efforts to secure a future for the American way!

Our Products work with Mototassanari Intake Boot, and will not conflict with the following Sponsors: Twin Air, No Toil and DT1 Racing. These Companies make the filters for our intake systems.

 Website: www.loudmouthmx.com

How do the Loud Mouth Intake's work?

Dollar for Dollar, nothing makes more power or offers more performance and protection for your bike than a Loud Mouth Intake System. The obstruction free setup replaces your thumb screw filter configuration  in your airbox. It simplifies everything by removing the cage, screen and many of the obstructions that create turbulent with air flow, and replace it with a one of a kind design that allows for a higher velocity airflow to enter your engine. The unique dealing surface keeps your airbox clean and prevents the passage of dirt into the engine. No Rim grease or questionable  filter installation. Our revolutionary design uses cage-less clamp on style air filters by Twin Air, No Toil and DT1 Racing. Most systems install in less than 20 minutes utilizing the gasket supplied in the kit, installation is a clean and simple process.
  • Increased Horsepower and Torque
  • Bike tarts Easier
  • Better Holeshots
  • No Dirt in your Engine
  • 30 Second Air Filter Changes
  • High Performance Intake Sound (Within Legal dB)
  • No Jetting or Mapping Required
  • Makes Life Simple

 Motocross Action Magazine


  •  "The Cleanest Intake Ever Built!" Top Product

Transworld Motocross Magazine

  • "The Loud Mouth is the best thing you can do to your bike!  Top Product