KlearTech - Riverton, UT, US

KlearTech is the original provider of protection products engineered specifically for the off-road industry. We manufacture products for Side-by-Sides, Dirt Bikes, Adventure Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Snowmobiles, and Jeeps.

We sell various protection and wash products geared for the demands of off-road machines. Our products include:

  • Custom Off-road Protection Films (OPF) that protects your ride and gear.
  • Ceramic coating products for all vehicles and gear that shines and sheds dirt and water. Ceramic coatings extend the use and look of vehicles, helmets and boots.
  • Various off-road soaps and detailer sprays.
  • Accessories such as foam guns, drying towels, and wash mitts.

If you like to get outdoors and enjoy the adventures of being offroad with any type of expensive machine and supporting equipment, we can help you protect it to keep it functioning properly and looking good.

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