ICW - Clayton, NC, US

About ICW

ICW Bike Stands is a family owned business located in Clayton, North Carolina. All of our products are made in the USA, which allows us to build and control the quality of our bike stands. ICW Bike Stands are hand built and Tig welded, unlike other stands that are mass produced and Mig welded.

ICW started out building bike stands for family and friends. Then, local shops wanted to start selling them to their customers. The stands have not changed a lot over the years. They have always had a wider base than other stands on the market. We began building the stands out of solid stock, but then realized weight was a factor. So, we redesigned the stands using lighter tubing which still provides strength and durability. The original ICW bike stands are still being used by their owners today, after 16 years. ICW was the first to offer stands in powder coated colors to match the bike you ride.

Now our stands are being used by many top Pro MX, Freestyle, and Amateur riders all over the USA. Ronnie Renner “KNOWS WHO’S HIS DADDY” when he needs to put his bike on a stand after whipping his KTM upside down. Kenny Bartram uses his ICW stand to hold him up when he nose wheelies to a stop as seen at the ending of NC2. The IFMA Freestyle Tour uses our bike stands at all of their events, as well. ICW also supports several SX/MX Teams; such as, BSY Racing, SRT Racing, Motoworld Racing, Butler Brother MX, Eternal Industries Racing(Blair Brothers), WWR - Hog Haven, Team Rally Pan-America, and many more top Pro and amateur riders.

ICW also offers radiator repair and modifications for all brandsof bikes, from 65cc to 450's. We offer seam welding, weld on bracing, and tank enlarging modifications. We can make your stock radiators look and work like Factory Radiators. Nicco Izzi used an ICW modified radiator to win a 2005 title at Lorretta Lynn`s. We also offer a cooling system for RMZ and KXF models which stops over heating and the loss of coolant.