Girlyz Clothing Company - Valencia, CA, US
Girlyz Clothing Company was created to better serve a much ignored market segment in the motocross and power sports industry: women.
As an experienced business owner, and recreational rider for more than 25 years, Jeannie King, believed women wantedAccordingly, Girlyz opened its doors for business in May of 2002.
Girlyz success with the casual riding gear and casual wear led to the creation of their new line of full Motocross and Quad race gear called "Vision", giving women their own race and riding gear made for the specific needs of both the hard core or casual female rider or racer. "Vision" has received overwhelmingly positive ratings from magazine tests and the pro riders wearing the gear.
Girlyz sponsors pro riders, Sarah Whitmore, Alisa Nix, Katie McGuire, Lindsey Jiletto and Abriana Dunn and GNCC Champion Traci Cecco. Girlyz' philosophy of supporting the goals and activities of women is what drives the company. Girlyz supports women so they can succeed and grow in the sports they love and is excited to work with both the professional and amateur racers involved in the off road world.
Girlyz originated in a small office building in Lancaster, California. As design, production and where house needs grew, the need to move brought Girlyz where it is today, Valencia, CA. Jeannie King continues to oversee the design, development and direction of this innovative women’s company.
functional riding gear that was comfortable, durable, and fashionable! The overwhelming response to King’s line confirmed that women wanted an alternative to the traditional riding gear available, something they could really ride in, yet still look like a woman.