Flow Vision - Fresno, CA, US

Flow Vision Company:

Flow Vision is a leading edge motocross optic company built with the knowledge and experience of what true racers need.

Flow flō/ : Noun- “a mental state of operation in which you are performing an activity, are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the motocross, supercross, off-road and dirt bike riding.”

This is exactly what we are as a company. 100% focused on the motocross/supercross/off-road riding communities and making sure our products exceed our customers expectations.

Our goggles have been designed to incorporate our immense knowledge of motocross helmets, goggle requirements, fitment function and economical pricing. Motocross is unlike any other sport out there as we have high velocity items being thrown at a riders face as well as needing to fit into a motocross helmet with different customers' head styles. Our pre-curved lens, outrigger fitment and enlarged field of vision are all items that have been expressed in our research as key functional goggle features.

Through thorough creativity and attention to detail, we plan to produce some of the best looking and budget friendly products to satisfy the preference of today's off-road riding individuals in this economy. Our company plans to create a unique style that will be very colorful in today’s market. We are well aware that a lot of motocross/supercross/off-road companies have pushed their goggles to prices that are not economical for a majority of today’s riders; we will be there to fill that need for our dirt bike riding customers with a goggle that will make sure to exceed your expectations.

Family owned and operated out of Northern California by the McBride Family........