EVS Sports - Elkhorn, WI, US

35 years ago, EVS Sports began with an idea that would revolutionize the sport of motocross.  Ever since we developed the first ever motocross specific knee brace all those years ago, EVS has evolved and transformed into becoming the leader in innovation and technology in the protection industry; EVS now offers a full line of knee braces, helmets, neck braces, roost deflectors, and a host of other protective products all designed to keep you safe while doing almost any activity imaginable.  

Whether your passion is motocross, hitting the trails, riding the streets or just twisting the throttle, EVS has been happy to protect you while you do what you love and will continue to do so for years to come.  Dirt, snow or asphalt, the EVS team has the same love affair with powersports that you've grown up with and we've spent our lives making sure you're prepared and protected for any obstacle that comes your way.