DirtX Industries

DirtX Industries - Dallas, GA, US

DirtX Industries is owned and operated by an active Fire Fighter who is passionate and an avid dirt bike rider. Initially the idea was to create frame grip tapes following the industry tendencies but offering the most customized items with the best customer service possible.

Our grip tapes are made in USA with the best supplies in the market, they are specifically engineered for bubble-free adhesion to motorcycles, snowmobiles, industrial equipment, and other surfaces including polyethylene, polypropylene, TPO, polyolefins, and metals. The friction tape sticks to the frame helping with riding technique, rider's form and traction on the area of contact. Used by the most of the Professional and Amateur riders everyday.

We carry a great inventory of models/colors, usually orders are shipped in the first 24 hours. We currently ship more than 100 orders a week, proving great customer satisfaction. We also offer 100% customized frame grip tapes, with options to change colors, add name, number, logo, or whatever is requested by the customer.