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Company History

About is an Internet-based coaching service (located in Austin, TX) for cyclists, triathletes, and other endurance athletes. We offer coaching through, in addition to telephone, email, and in-person coaching. We'll help you train smarter, stay balanced, and become faster!

Coach Seiji Ishii

USA Cycling Expert Level Coach, Ultrafit Associate, American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, BS in Kinesiology, and Registered Massage Therapist. 20+ years of cycling and successful competition experience both on and off road. 10+ years experience in training and coaching endurance and outdoor athletes.

Coaches and trains several professional and elite level motocross racers including:

  • Heath Voss - 2004 THQ World Supercross Champion and Factory Yamaha rider
  • Matt Lemoine / Hunter Hewitt - Kawasaki Xtreme Team Green riders
  • Casey Clark - PDL Racing rider
Seiji also serves as the training and fitness coaching consultant to the
5 Magics Motocross School.

Seiji also coaches several elite level bicycle road racers, mountain bike racers and triathletes (including national champions) as well as part time competitors striving to achieve their potential.

Seiji races motorcross himself in the Novice and 30+ class aboard his Yamaha YZ 250F and also rides woods aboard his Yamaha WR 450F. He has also taken several extended forays into Baja. Seiji loves all forms of dirt biking equally and has totally immersed himself in the sport since being reintroduced to dirt bikes at the prime age of 34!

Personal profile: was founded by Seiji Ishii in 2002 and is located in Austin, TX. Seiji was born in Redwood City, CA, the son of two former elite athletes and coaches. Growing up in both California and Texas, Seiji participated in many sports ranging from gymnastics, soccer, judo, football, baseball, basketball, swimming, motocross, bicycle racing, and distance running. So whatever your sport Coach Seiji has "been there and done that!"

In high school Seiji competed in most team sports, raced bicycles, and acted as athletic trainer to varsity teams. At the University of Texas at Austin Seiji continued to compete in cycling both on the road and on the trail representing the university as well industry teams. Seiji also worked in the University of Texas Human Performance Laboratory on research centering around carbohydrate metabolism in aerobic sports. When not on the bicycle, Seiji seriously pursued all forms of climbing from rock climbing to mountaineering.

Seiji has focused all his experience and education on endurance sports coaching, personal training, and massage therapy. His unrelenting personal interest in the process of training for sports is apparent in his enthusiasm and level of pride he takes in his daily interaction with athletes. Don't delay, take advantage of Coach Seiji's experience and passion for motocross!

Education & Certifications:
  • BS Kinesiology
  • Cert. Ultrafit Associate
  • USA Cycling Expert Coach
  • Regist. Massage Therapist
  • ACSM Cert. Personal Trainer
  • Our Programs

    We are looking for riders who possess the drive and determination to reach their full potential in the sport of motocross. We want to focus that drive and determination into the most efficient and effective training and wellness program to get you to the best possible training and racing results. If a smarter and more balanced training program is what you need and you have an undying passion for motocross racing, give us a call!