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Company History

Blitz Vision, LLC.  Began in a small town in eastern  WA.  May of 2006  When owner Lee Albrecht had a vision of the company as you see today.  Blitz Vision, still a small company has plans to grow with new innovative designs that will blitz The competition.




Blitz Vision Company staff consists of a unique, team-oriented group of innovative trend setting individuals. We are highly motivated, up to the challenge of using creativity, quality and business-leadership skills to plan, develop and create goggles that will throw down.




Each and every pair of goggles is individually hand crafted, using the highest quality material found in hospitals and Bullet proof glass.  Then is inspected and packaged to ensure the end user gets the best quality goggle. 


Our Programs

 Blitz Vision offers the Action Sports enthusiast goggles, clothing and accessories that will make the consumer feel positive, and full of energy. We will sponsor athletes, models, musicians and DJs as they are our markets mentors.


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