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Big Gun Exhaust

Location Rancho Cucamonga, CA, US
Categories Exhaust
About Us Big Gun Exhaust Systems, Inc. Is a family owned and operated company. Started in 1997 by 3-time 4-stroke AMA National Champion Mike Young Jr. Big Gun Exhaust Systems is in the business of building 4-stroke off-road motorcycle and ATV performance exhaust systems that meet and exceed all state off-road sound needs and requirements. Big...View
About Our Programs Big Gun Exhaust is in the business of manufacturing and marketing performance exhaust systems for four stroke motorcycles and ATVs. We understand the value of supporting racers and teams nationwide. We currently support and sponsor at our factory level some of the best privateer teams out thereBig Gun wants you to understand that becoming...View

Company Updates

Big Gun Exhaust Systems Inc., the leader in 4-stroke exhaust technology has launched a new product to there current impressive exhaust line up. Evomx fuel tank foam is the latest technology in foam for your fuel tank. Evomx foam has been race proven to be one of the latest accessories to improve handling and track performance for any watercraft, dirt or street motorcycle and atv. Evomx foam is military spec foam that contains thousands of pores which eliminates sudden and violent sloshing of fuel within the tank. These effects are mostly felt in tight turns, breaking bumps, and G-outs. This is where your 12-15 lbs. of fuel can feel more like 25-30 lbs. sloshing front to back and side to side. With the fuel being stabilized from the Evomx foam in your watercraft, dirt or street motorcycle and atv tank you can experience your vehicle feeling 15-20 lbs. lighter. The foam is also so porous that it only takes 2-3% of the volume of the tank and also has a 30 year lifetime.Call for more info today toll free at 1-800-870-4461EVO Foam Kits (125CC-800CC Off-Road) Part# 40-evofoam2 Retail $49.95EVO Foam Kits (125CC-800CC Oversized Off-Road Tank) Part# 40-evofoam3 Retail $59.95EVO Foam Kits (Mini Off-road) Part# 40-evofoam1 Retail $45.95

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