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Tips on Building Your Profile

Tips on Building Your Profile:

We get several emails a day asking how riders should build their profile to maximize their ability to get noticed by potential sponsors. They key is going to be in how complete your profile is. Here are a few essentials to hit:

1.) Make sure your profile is complete: A rider that has only one image and one race result will not be considered as much as a rider who has several (or dozens) of race results and photos. You should try to build your profile to have as much information as possible. Companies will sit down and go through each resume and consider the efforts that you have put forward. Riders who do not upload any images or results should not have high hopes of attracting sponsors.

2.) Make sure you have images (if not several). Our image gallery is perhaps one of the most persuasive features of your profile. Having several images that demonstrate your riding abilities speak louder than your words of how fast you are. If you have images of you racing, freeriding, or jumping, put them into your profile so that sponsors can see you in action.

3.) Make your cover letter complete. We see dozens of cover letters that just say “Hello, please consider me for sponsorship. I will ride really hard and try to promote your company. Thank you.” You really need to write your cover letter as if you were writing a hand-written letter to them. Tell your potential sponsor how you would make a difference on and off the track for their company. Tell them your objectives, goals and strengths as a rider. Tell them how their products would help meet your goals and objectives. Put some time and effort into your cover letter as it is the most personal opportunity to communicate with the sponsor.

4.) Keep Your Race Results Updated: Be sure to enter in all of last years race results as well as the previous years race results. It is also important to keep them continually updated. Sponsors DO check back often and look at riders they have in their ‘watch list’ category. You might be on the brink of getting a sponsorship from a company and they wanted to review your profile again at a later time. How have you increased it or made it better? Have you been winning recently? Have you been competing recently? These are all important.

5.) Take advantage of the rider news blog and use it update your profile on a weekly basis if possible. Add in new updates with your racing as they come available. If you have been training for a big race, write about how you have been working hard to compete. Even outline your workout!

More content means that there is more for companies to search and know about you. Give them as much information as possible and you will see your sponsorship responses increase. Your efforts are reflected though how complete your profile is. If you simply breezed through your profile and resume without much thought, then most likely a sponsor will breeze past your resume without much thought.

If you need any assistance, we are always able and willing to help. Let us know.

See you at the track.