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Article: Communicating with Sponsors

Communication is Key:

The process of getting sponsored can be a time consuming and tedious process. Many riders think that when they get sponsored that the work is done! This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In actuality, getting sponsored is just the beginning. In motocross, communication is key and this article serves as a guide for how to communicate with your sponsors. Good communication will ensure that you and your companies will receive the maximum benefits from the sponsorship.

When you get sponsored, it is important to have an attitude of enthusiasm and excitement towards promoting your sponsor and your willingness to work hard. This type of attitude will not only prolong your sponsorship relationships, it will also lead to larger sponsorship deals in the future. If you work hard for your sponsor, you can expect substantial increases in your sponsorship the following year…that is if you have earned the right to be sponsored another year….

How to communicate with your sponsors: Here are 7 easy ways to keep sponsors in the loop and increase and your relationship with them.

1.) Upon securing your deal, be sure to go out of your way to introduce yourself to the team manager. Make a good impression and make yourself stand out to the team manager. Chances are likely that you are one of dozens if not hundreds of other sponsored riders. Ask your sponsor for suggestions for how you can achieve their sponsorship goals. Ask how you can go the extra mile—you will really impress your sponsor and you will be remembered.

2.) Find out how your team manager wants you to communicate. Some team managers prefer to be contacted via email, some want to receive phone calls, and others want to meet periodically in person at the track. Whatever it is, be sure you know how the team managers want you to communicate.

3.) Find out how often your sponsor wants to hear from you. You don’t want to overdo the phone calls or emails to the point of being annoying. Make sure you know when and how sponsors want to hear from you and make it a habit to check in. Let them know your achievements, let them know your setback and challenges. Make your name common within your sponsor’s memory. It is best to contact your sponsor at the very least once a month if not more. Check with your team manager.

4.) Provide your sponsors with a race or event schedule: Let your sponsors know which events you will be at and which races you will compete in. It is the best to send your sponsor an actual copy whether it is emailed, faxed, or mailed. It shows that you are planning for the future and that you are actively pursuing the sport.

5.) Give product feedback to your sponsor about their products. One of the many reasons sponsors provide products and services to riders is to gain valuable feedback from the riders on how the products worked. Give constructive feedback on ways the products could be better. Don’t simply kiss up and say the products are awesome. Give real genuine feedback and make your feedback concise and specific. By your direct input, your sponsors will be able to make better products in the future.

6.) Send or email photos of you. Sponsors love seeing their sponsored riders using their products and seeing action photos of the riders. If you go into any motocross shop, you will probably find some tag board that has dozens of rider photos posted on it. If your photos are really good quality, you might get used in a brochure, flyer, or website. Regardless, seeing action photos is appreciated and brings additional value to the sponsorship relationship.

7.) Send a Thank You Letter at the end of the year. At the end of the season, be sure to mail a written letter to your sponsor telling them that you appreciated their support in sponsoring you. Tell them how their support helped you reach your goals and objectives. Let your sponsor know your goals and objectives for the following year as well. Be sure to give them

If you have followed these tips for communicating with your sponsor, you will have hopefully built a strong relationship with your sponsor and guaranteed a sponsorship for yourself for the following year. Who knows, maybe you already received some extra free products or additional discounts. The important thing is to always keep good lines of communication with your sponsors and to update them regularly.

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See you at the track.