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Personal History

I'm a good student maybe not the greatest in the world but I'm doing my personal best. I get all A's and high B's in my school activities. I also play football and wrestle while I'm not able to ride my dirtbike,if my homework is not done I dont ride , I dont do anything until my homework is done. I may say I dislike school and some days that is true but it is still my job as a student and as long as I'm trying my hardest than there is nothing to be upset about. I carry that same attitude of as long as I'm doing my best and trying my hardest than there is nothing to be upset about right into dirtbikeing. I'm not the best because that. Takes a lot of practice, yes I do practice but it take a lot and I'm willing to do that.

Riding Goals

I would like to be able to clear the jumps at my local tracks, but it is only my second season on a race bike so I'm just working my way up until I'm ready to go big.

Competitive Highlights

In my first race I got 6th place in my first moto,and in the second moto my bike stalled and I got 10th out of 12 riders . I've only ever race competitive once.