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Personal History

Hi my name is Warren!

I've been riding and racing dirt bikes since I was 7.  Started on a old Honda 50, then CR80 and on up the ladder.  I've been riding on and off over the past 33 years, although pretty consistently for the past 5 years.  I recently parked my '09 KX450 and brought home a new '13 KX450 which makes me very happy.  This is the first brand new bike I've had in many, many years so I can't wait to get it dialed in to my preferences and riding style and catch a few local races.  Maybe regional too.

I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and love our diverse terrain and popular riding spots.  I am a diverse rider and and unlike some of my riding buddies, I enjoy all types of riding including desert, woods, single track trail riding, free riding, and track riding too.

I just turned 40, so I'm not as fast as I once was, although a still live and breathe MX daily, and hope to compete more this upcoming year.  Bikes are expensive and so are the parts, entry fees, and travel costs so any help from possible sponsors will be truely appreciated and will not go unnoticed.  I will promote your products any chance I get!!

My wife, Andrea, and I have two children.  Our daughter, Haiden, is 10 and rides a KLX110 and hopes to race for her first time this summer.  Looking to upgrade her to a KX65 soon.  Our son, Westin, just turned 5 and is already ripping on his PW50.  Like their daddy, they live and breathe MX as well, following all the races and pros.

Thanks for your time and interest,


Riding Goals

To compete more at local events and possibly some regional events as well.  Events to likely include some MX, desert and maybe 100 mile enduro race as well.

My goal is to improve my performance and stay safe and free of injuries.  Us old guys heal much slower!  Oh, and to continue to enjoy life and have fun!!

Also, I plan to help support my two kids (daughter, Haiden, age 10 and son, Westin, age 5) in their own desire to race locally.  Like their father, they live and breath motorcycles and MX and any sponsorships I receive will help support their quest as well.  Who knows, they could be future MX champions!

Lastly, I put a lot of time and effort to support our local MX track, Owyhee Motorcycle Club ( 

Competitive Highlights

I have raced just about anything with a motor and always have fun no matter what throttle I'm pinning.  Highlights of types of motorsports include:

* Standup and runabout watercraft racing both locally and regionally

* Dirtbikes, as previously mentioned including MX, Hare & Hounds, Desert and Enduros.

* Snowmobile enduro, snowcross and drag racing

* Cart racing

* Sprint boat racing and river boat racing

* Downhill and cross country mountain bike racing

* ATV racing, including winter snowcross racing

* Polaris RZR 900 XP rally cross racing

* 900 HP Sprint Boat racing

* I've driven a Nascar at 140+ mph (14 laps at Vegas International Speedway with Richard Petty's team)

* I've driven 100+ mph in 350 HP Off Road trucks in Vegas (VORE Vegas Off-road Racing Experience)

* I've flown several different types of planes and hold a private pilots license