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Personal History

Hi I’m 6 and I’m from west Chester pa. I love racing and riding my dirt bikes. Ditched training wheels on my bicycles around late 3s.

Started on a pw50 at 4. Out grew that and

moved onto a 3 speed ttr 50, (3) different air cooled ktms 50s, and now a 2020 cobra king/sr. I also enjoy riding my bmx bike, schools,

camping, hunting and fishing with my dad. We race just about every single weekend. Sometimes 2+ races in one weekend. We combine 3+series together to get the most seat time and practice in as possible. Plus I love camping at the races and playing with my friends and the delicious food the adults always cook.

Riding Goals

I would like to get some sponsorships and keep racing and move forward each year. I used to only follow the hare scramble series but just recently startled following the mx series and qualifiers and I am going to try to qualify for Loretta’s in atleast one class next year. I enjoy the motocross just as much as the hare scrambles but Moro’s are too short. I wish motos would be an hour to two hours long like the hair scrambles. I don’t want to stop riding lol.

Competitive Highlights

Always in the top 3 overall in the combo/2 combined series races. Sometimes up to 20 kids on my line. Always top 2 in d6 only. Usually 1st but sometimes my friend likes to tuck under me in the last turn going into scoring at the end of the race. Me and him always battle for 1st. It’s so fun.  Currently 2nd in overall points in ecea and 1st in d6. Just going tokeep riding my best and finish up the season where I stand currently or even better hopefully.  and keep practing on my new cobra sr for next year 7+ 50cc