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Personal History

I'm 15 - been riding since I was 4; and I've been racing since I was 6 or 7.      Riding and racing is everything to me.   It's what I think about when I am in school.    It's what I dream about when I sleep.    It's what keeps me up at night.

Riding Goals

I leave for Ponca City tomorrow; following those wins, I hope to ride in Florida.    I'm also trying to get my parents to send me to Europe next year.

Competitive Highlights

I have many wins under my belt, and many trophies in my room.

One of my recent memories is at OakHill in June, 2010.   I hadn't ridden in quite a while as my bike was in the shop.   We got the bike out on a Friday and headed out of town.     I entered the races and came away with 4 trophies - 3 1st place and 1 2nd place.   Pretty sweet after not riding in months.