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Personal History

I have been racing motocross since I was 4, I rode for team green in 99-2001,  than I rode for the Honda support team tell 2008. But after 2008 I stoped racing for about 4 years due to financial funds with family. its a tuff sport financially.  this year 2014 I finaly started racing and ridding, I went to Australia for three months and di some big races there and just having fun. I enjoy mountain biking, and just havin a good time with my family and friends. I also work a 9-5 Monday thru Friday job.  

Riding Goals

my Goals for 2014 year was to just have fun, enjoy my journey threw Australia traveling and racing. Do some local races and just get my feet wet again but mostly enjoy and have fun. my goals for the rest of the year is keep doing some local stuff and try and qualify for Anaheim 1 coming up in January of 2015 and play ear by ear.

Competitive Highlights

2008 : 9th at world minis 250B stock

           14th World minis 250B Mod


2014: 1st, 250pro Queenslander mx series in Australia

          4th NQ National 250pro

         27th monster energy Australia mx national