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Personal History

I ride a honda 150r. I like to work hard and reach my goals and i will reach my goals, i dont try to reach my goals

I think turning and whiping are the funnest parts of riding. i love riding with an intense passion and i almost forgot, winning is great too.

also have to stay in shape i don't want to get fatigued on the track, hey, has anyone seen my weights?

Riding Goals

i have to keep my grades up and go fast. seat time, seat time, seat time. Keep them A's on roll'in.

Competitive Highlights

i usaully come in the top 5. i hand out free clumps of dirt to everyone because when i pass them i wanna give back a little bit, they don't even have to take their hands off the bars i'll fling it at their visor. just kidding, i don't do it on purpose because it has happned to me it's not that great to get a mouth full of dirt.