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Personal History

Hi, im a motocross girl from Sweden who loves to ride motocross. I grew up in a little city called "Norrtälje", i started driving motocross when i was 11 years old and now im 14. Im fastest when i ride in sand, im pretty fast on dirt tracks too. I can do whips and scrubs whitout problem. Its my dad who is helping me out with the sport, he is very supportive and he helps me out alot. I ride a ktm sx85 2014, i go in a school in Norrtälje called " freinet skolan Hugin" well i don't know what else to say :P

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to get to the world chapionships, i have entered a crew called "repractice" where they helps you induveduelli to the level you want to be on, I have also entered a motocross collage where they practice the regular subjects in school 50 hours every year and practice morocross 300 hours every year. I really hope to be a world champion someday.