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Personal History

I'm 40 years young. I began riding in my backyard at the age of 5 and have been in love with MX ever since. I grew up riding in the hills around San Diego, Glamis, Gordons Well, Ocotillo Wells, and Superstition.I started racing in 2005.  2013 marks my most successful season yet. I'm ranked 3rd in points for my class and 25th overall for the Bay OTHG.



Riding Goals

My racing goals for 2015 are as the follows:

  1. Race all rounds of the 2015 Bay OTHG MX Series
  2. Finish in the top 3 overall for a round
  3. Finish the series in the top 25 in points
  4. Race in AMA D36 Hare Scramble


Competitive Highlights

Ranked 4th in points for the 38+ Beginner Bay OTHG

Ranked 91th overall in the Bay OTHG