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Rider Updates

Mar 25 2013

Unable to race in the Central VA Hare Scramble due to 7 inches of snow in hometown.  Looking forward to April Fools in Nelson County on April 14, 2013.  This track got the best of my bike last time due to an overheating engine.   

Dec 4 2012

Looking forward to 2013 VCHSS series.

Apr 18 2011

Began VCHSS series with a little bit of a rocky start.  Through 4 miles of lap 1, bike began to overheat.  Seemed like there was one bottleneck after another on the track.  One lap equates to 9 miles.  On mile 5, bike shut down forcing me to kick start it continuosly for the remainder of the race.  A little disheartening considering I was in the top tear prior to the overheating issue.  On to the next race...May 1, 2011.