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Personal History

I am 10 years old and have been racing since July 2018. My dad is retired military and works 60+ hours a week to keep me racing. I come from a loving and supportive family and I can tell you that you have to have family support in order to be successful. I have not been racing long, but absolutely fell in love with racing my first time out. My dad used to race back when he was a kid and my Grandpa used to be a factory mechanic in motocross and worked with "Hurricane" Bob Hannah, Jeff Ward, Jeff Emig, Damon Bradshaw, & Jeff Stanton for a few. He still races and still works around motocross and Supercross. Well known and well respected. I want to make my own mark on racing though. I want to be known for my achievements, not for his. My dad provides me with the best he can to keep me up right and on two wheels. We race almost every weekend and love to travel for races. I am currently in a points series called "Extreme MX Series" between two tracks here in Arkansas, American Motor Sports Park & River Ridge MX. I stand in 1st place in the 65 Beginner Class & the 65 Senior Class after 5 of 6 races. The Championship Race in in another week and look forward to bringing home a lot of hardware from the series. 

Riding Goals

My goal is simply said, yet hard to achieve, but my drive and determination will help me excel. I want to qualify for Loretta Lynn's the next year and race against the best and create the memories like my dad has from his childhood and make more of my own. First my focus is winning the "Extreme MX Series" and then focus on my Arenacross Series' that I am in. I am currently in the SKY-AX Series in Russellville, Kentucky and will also race some Nitro Series, & MAXX Series Races this fall and winter

Competitive Highlights

My first race ever and finishing 5th in the Nitro Motocross Series in Springfield, Missouri. Now my most memorable achievement is the first win and how excited I was and my dad had to calm me down a bit because I had another moto to race that day, but I was excited to finally win one. 

Dec. 2 2018 I won the AMS & River Ridge "Extreme Series" Championships for the 65 Sr. Class and the 65 Beginner Class!!!  2019... Time to make it 2 years in a row!!!