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Personal History

My name is Richard Olinde. I grew up in Baton Rouge, LA. I started riding when I was 10. The past few years I have been riding more avidly and racing when I can. I am trying to race more, work will slow down for the 2019 season so I'm hoping to race as much as possible. I love the high and adrenaline racing brings versus practicing. I have started a more competitive workout program to have better endurance on the track. I'm learning proper bike setup and riding techniques every time I go to the track. I also ride sportbike trackdays when they become available at my home track, Nola Motorsports. I plan on doing a few races in that sport as well.

Riding Goals

My long term riding goal is to qualify for Lorettas. I want to be a top competitor in my class at my local tracks and one day teach the next generation coming in. Just to make it to races and compete is a goal in itself. To support the sport, the local tracks, and keep the tradition going is the main idea. I like to meet new people, learn from them and ride with them to push myself to get better.

Competitive Highlights

My main highlight was the District 19 championship qualifier. I hadn't been practicing like I normally do, but I raced anyway and came out 3rd overall. I didn't get great starts, but I pushed and focused on hitting my marks, breathing, and making passes.