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The one feature that sets the quality standard for a helmet is the ventilation system. A cool flow of air keeps you from becoming too hot on warm days and reduces wind noise. Quality airflow features are vents in the front and side vortex, exhaust vents in the lower back of the helmet, and built-in neck roll exhaust vents.

When purchasing a full face motorcycle helmet, try it on a number of times to find possible problem areas. Make sure the helmet rests just above your brow, use a mirror to see how the helmet fits your head. Test the fit by trying to get your thumb between the helmet and your forehead, the helmet should rest tightly on your forehead with no room left for your thumb. Always check for red marks after taking the helmet off.

If your motorcycle helmet is not DOT approved and Snell certified your insurance may be affected. The best thing to do is contact your insurance company about the helmet you are using to find out if it is approved. helmets price

Avoid noisy helmets as they distract the bike rider and can cause extra fatigue. Lower quality ventilation systems are the major cause of noise in helmets. The more aerodynamic your helmet is and the better the vents, the less noise there will be. Cheaper helmets are are most often noisier helmets.