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Personal History

I'm six years old and I live in Woodland California. I have two brothers, one older and one younger. Me and my two brothers all race. I am in 1st grade and I keep telling my dad school is important but motocross is more "importanter". 


2018 was my first season racing. I raced in three different series on a PW50, XR50 and a Cobra 50 Jr. by far my favorite is the Cobra. for the 2018 season I raced approximately 20 races and getting a top five in at least eight of them. My first race on my Cobra I received a first place out of a gate of 20. 


My favorite rider is Ryan Villapoto and Kawasaki is my favorite big bike. I also play baseball and basketball buyt would give it up to ride everyday. The days I cant ride i still put on my moto gear and play motocross games on Xbox.


My favorite saying is..."Get up and race, feel the pain later".


When I grow up I want to race Motocross/Supercross.



Riding Goals

My goals are to improve everyday I ride. 


I crash because I push myself. Event though I crash, it is my goal to get up as fast as possible to keep in the race. 


STORY.... One race I was on my PW50 which is a popular class and had 20 kids on the gate. I got the whole shot and lead most of the way. The second place rider hit my back tire and I went down. I lost seven positions and found myself in eighth place. I got up fast and pinned it until I finished second place.