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Personal History

My name Is Mitch Stout, I am 15 And currently living in Ohio. I grew up around motocross. I live it and breath it. It is my life, and maybe, just maybe it'll be my future career. I first started raceing when i was 7 years old. but times got tough for me and i got out of it. but thankfully my greatest, friends, and my great supporting family that is always there for me, got me back into it. and if it wasnt for them, i wouldnt be here where i am now. So i currently ride a '09 Kx250f. its an amazing bike, and very reliable. I am sponsored by Furest Automotive, Joe D's Beverage, and Pant Saggin Dezign. and i love motocross.

Riding Goals

My new goals are to train everyday, and eventually work my way up to Loretta Lynn's Ranch. It has always been my dream to go there, so i have been working my hardest to get there.

Competitive Highlights

one realy great highlight was when i was racing in C-class. this one kid locked bars with me out of the gate, and we were stuck with each other until the first turn came, so i had no choice other then to kick him off, and i did. and he wasnt able to finish the first moto. So the Second moto came and i got my gate right next to him gain. so it was the last lap and it was the choice of me either getting 3rd place or 2nd, and i wanted that second place trophy, so it was the second to last turn and i took the inside and did a pass block on him, and took second place. i think that was realy great, and that story will always stick with me.