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Rider Updates

Sep 27 2017

You know what is coming up in a couple days???? RED STICKER SEASON!!!!  That means Dad and I get to go riding..... Riding all day every day!!!  Mom and sister will have to be on their own with all that soccer stuff plus some football on Sundays.  I am ready to get some hills in and more seat time with dad...  Stayed tuned everyone


Thank you for everything :)

Sep 25 2017

Yesterday my dad broke out his BIG CFR450R and we went racing.  I went to my aunties house and dad and I raced.  It was a blast!!!  I picked up my bike every time I fell down and jumped back on the bike.  I am trying to learn how to do wheelies on my own because they are so much fun.  I can do them from jumps and hills but I want to learn them on my own.  Maybe become a freestyler in my later days of life. 

Sep 24 2017

Racing was fun this past weekend.  Friday Mom missed the race but it was ok because points didn't count.  I finished 7th overall for my season in Sacramento Raceway.  I still had fun because I was with my KTM Boys.  We always have a blast together.  Saturday was a great day.  I scored 5 goals at soccer and we won our FIRST game!!!  Then it was off to the races with my family.  Practice was fun.  During the first race I crashed with a group of riders but I got back on my bike (with a little help) and than I whiskey throttled over a berm and hurt my balls.  But dad ran over and talked to me into finishing the race and I was glad I did.  Second heat went much better.  I finished overall 7th for the night.  I had fun with my KTM Boys although one of them was trying out their new cobra. 

Sep 10 2017

So Friday night racing went well.  My mom was able to get off work to come watch me race.  We got stuck in traffic forever because of a car accident.  But that meant I got a longer nap in the car on the ride making me ready for my race.  Practice laps went good but in both practice races another kid crashed into me.  I had 3 swollen knuckles and scrapes but ice and Doritos helped me with the swelling.  I finished overall 7th place for the season.  Because of my swollen knuckles it hurt to much to race on Saturday so I had to miss my race in Marysville.  But I scored 5 goals at my soccer game in the morning but we still lost. 

Aug 28 2017

Had a great weekend of racing and soccer.  Friday night races were fun.  I crashed my bike on the table top and broke my visor and cut my finger but I jumped back on and finished the practice lap.  The bike got away from me on the rythym section but I managed to save it going over all the bumps and in my eyes I am almost died.  I finished 5th overall which brings me up to 7th overall.  

Than on Saturday, woke up early to go to soccer.  During the game I scored two goals.  After my game came back home and loaded my bike up again and off to the races we went.  We meet up with my friends, the  "KTM BOYS" and we ate hot dogs, stayed cool and played.  Than we raced.  Uncle Bruce bought us ice cream.  I finished 5th overall.  

Aug 13 2017

Went to out the track to get some practice in.  There was a turn that lead into a table top and I jumped the big hill.  I got some practice in with my friends, that I race with.  One day we want to become a team.  My dad was out on the track helping us in case we fell down.  I went down a few times, in the mud, but got right back up and kept riding.  It's almost time for a new "bigger" bike.  

Aug 12 2017

I finished 10th overall last night at the race.  After the recent adjustments made to my bike and it ran better.  I fell down in the first heat and my bike shut off on me and I hurt my ribs, I also broke my visor on my helmet.  But I got back up, fought through the pain and finished the race.  I finished 10th in the second heat.  Special thanks to my sister for cheering me and to all my friends.  I need to ride my dirt bike faster so I can place better at the next race, so I can beat all the kids.  

Special thanks to my sponsors: Twin Air, Dragon Alliance, ProTaper, Answer Racing, DeCal Works, Flomotorsports, ProCircuit, and my parents.  

Aug 11 2017

Excited for the big race tonight.  I washed my bike up yesterday to make it clean for tonight's race.  Now I slept in the morning for extra rest and will nap on the way to the rest.  I'm ready to see my friends, the "KTM BOYS"  at the race tonight.  Now time to put my bike back together and get my gear all loaded up and ready to go....

Aug 9 2017

Went out to the track I made at my aunties house to get some practice in.  Practice running through the track and jumping the jumps.  After the fun, put in some work maintaining my track.  Excited for the upcoming race on Friday, especially with my new clutch making my bike go faster.