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Personal History

Kids at school call me Dirt Bike Mike but my real name is Mikey.  I go by Lil Savage or beast mode.  I am 5 years old and I love to ride dirt bikes and bmx.  My mom is my number sponsor and my dad is my number one supporter, while my older sister cheers me on at every race.  I have been riding since February 2016 with my dad teaching me all my skills.  I started on a 1985 PW 50 and have since upgraded to the KTM 50SXMINI that was my 5th birthday present.  I practice as often as can but am always wanting to ride more.  You can follow me on Instagram @lil_savage5ktm50 

Riding Goals

I want to improve my skills so I can start getting first place at every race.  I want to ride harder which means going faster, jumping higher and staying healthy.  My ultimate goal is to become a pro supercross rider.  I am currently a member of AMA and am working on getting points.  I want to travel and visit more tracks.  

Competitive Highlights

My first race season was the spring season of Sacramento Raceway Motocross.  I came in 8th overall out of 37 racers.  I am looking forward to the new season at the Sacramento Raceway Motocross.  I also participated in three races at the Lodi Cycle Bowl where I took 1st place twice and 3rd place once.