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Personal History

I'm 16 yrs old . Me and my 14 yr old sister started riding on January 2015.  The first time we got on a bike we loved it!!!  After that i new what i wanted to do.  I'm going into 9th grade i practice every day sometimes every other day.  I'm in love with Motocross.  When i'm not practicing i'm working or looking for work to help my parents pay with expenses for my races.  I try my best to do my part because its not only me my sister loves to ride too.  I have another brother that is 12 he is into computers programming and stuff.  Everything I do i give it all my best in school i'm in the elite team for football.  i used to do track before i started motocross and i was good at that too.  i work hard to get what i want. Im the second oldest in my family.  my parents are very supportive of my sport.

I did good last winter on the Main event Series and EMX series came out 2nd overall on the Main event missed my 1st place by a couple of points. I will be starting the Main Event this year coming up in June  and getting ready for District 20 as well.  This March i was supposed to try Area Qualifier for Lorettas but unfortunately my parents didnt think that i was mentally ready . I lost my Coach and best friend Dylan Pemberton #179 in a tragic car accident on february 2, 2017. A month later i lost another best motocross friend and it was tough for me and my family to cope with it and it.  Dylan Pemberton and i have such a love for motocross Dylan was a great motocross/supercross rider and coach. Now im ready to go kick ass and get me some 1st places moving up to next division, I pray to have a great year and hopefully next year i will be at lorettas.

Riding Goals

My Goals are to get better every day!!! i started racing in august of this year my very first race i didnt do so good i got 4th after that i told myself that i needed to work hard i always aim towards first place.  The next race i did i got first and moved on to the next category.  After every 1st place i move on because i dont want to be a sandbagger although i like sandbaggers because they help me get better in every race.  I convinced my parents to take me to Johnsonville mx for the Area Qualifying i did ok i wasnt the worst but i needed to know where i stand with the better riders.  Racing at Johnsonville showed me what I need and where I have to be to make it pro . I am working hard practicing and racing as much as I can the more I race the better I get.  I am determined to be the best .  I am going to be ready for next years area qualifying .  I am doing the EMX series right now and  the AMA The Main Event Series as well.  So far I'm doing great in my races and I push myself more and more everyday. I'm working on my endurance and staying fit . I am determined and I will be at the top soon!! I workout everyday. I love to talk to people at every race i go up to everyone, i have made alot of good friends and i will be a great advertising tool for my sponsors.  To whoever decides to sponsor me i will ask for stickers. shirts. umbrellas with your logo anything that we can use to advertise and thank my sponsors by giving them publicity.  Goal to qualify for lorettas next year, and to be the best in the series i run.

Competitive Highlights

I am very competitive the more competition the more I push myself .  Competition makes me a better rider.  I've only being racing for 10 months but but racing almost every weekend I just started in April2016 .  I have to constantly be racing in order to get better and I've been doing really well so far. But it takes a toll in my family financially so I try to work as much as I can to help out. My parents are my greatest  fans and I have many people that believe in me. I have the passion and the attitude and the skill to be great. I am going to make it but in the mean time help with sponsorships would help out a whole lot to make my dream come true.  The more I race the more expenses on everything and I don't want that to stop me from racing and getting better .  With Gods help my hard work and as much support as I can get soon I will be where I want to be in motocross. I lost my coach and best friend but he will be riding with me, i will use everything he taught me to be the best


believe in me , I believe in myself!

send me lots of stuff to help me advertise for your companies!!!!