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Personal History

My name is Logan McClafferty and I am 16 years old. I live in Rural Valley PA which is a very small town out in the country, which is great for riding. My mom loves to ride dirt bikes and thought it was something we could do together so I started riding around 5. I actually was given her Honda 50 that she rode as a little girl but unfortunately our garage caught fire and it was burnt. My whole family now loves to ride including my dad and 15 year old brother. I am a very good student although I make the teachers laugh all the time, I am a bit of a goof ball. My parents tell me I cant ride unless I get good grades.

Riding Goals

My goal is to be a professional rider someday. I ride a KX 100 and I think with a bigger bike I would be able to compete with the pro am class soon. I also would like to start racing in the GNCC Series. Many people has told me I should but my parents say it cost to much money.

Competitive Highlights

Of course winning the championship every year since I started! One race I am very proud of is my very first race ever The temperature was freezing....really there was ice on the ground! My dad wanted all my equipment and bike to be perfectly cleaned for the race that morning so he washed everything and loaded it up that night. That morning being freezing cold my dad started my bike to warm it up and the clutch was frozen and he broke the clutch cable. He was upset, my mom called her dad to see what we could do and he said go home. My dad ask me if I thought I could ride the bike the way it was and I told him "dad I can ride anything". I did and I came in 2nd place out of 28.I was very proud of myself for overcoming that.