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Personal History

Hi, my name is Liam Hughes I am four years old. I started riding at the age of three with the help of training wheels in July of 2018 my parents started me out on a KTM 50 before my training wheels came off my bicycle. My addiction to the sport sparked in the spring of 2019 I've grown up around motor sports and really enjoy spending time with family so you could say its in my blood. This year I was able to get about 7 hours of seat time before the first race of the Montana HCMA race circuit, my dad saw how well I was progressing and wanted to try out one race to see if I could perform as well with so many riders around me. My parents and spectators were shocked to see me take 2nd in my first moto ever out of 16 other riders I loved it so much I took the hole shot and won my second moto. Now that my parents have seen my talent and excitement to ride they have put alot into working with me on my technique and form. My father is my mechanic and always has my bike race ready. We are running an older bike but have upgraded to a tomar clutch for better starts overall performance with 0 slippage, the throttle has been upgraded to the 1/4 turn with metal housing from the 2019 KTM 50, and a new set of Starcross MS3's, boyesen power reeds, and regular maintenance of course so my bike can definitely compete. I like to ride but I also like being a kid. You can also follow me @ FastLap Liam on youtube. I am having some issues uploading my videos so bear with me.

Riding Goals

I typically practice 4-5 days a weeks 2-3 hours between two different race tracks one is tight with lots of jumps, sharp corners, ruts and I ride along side the big bikes the other is carved out of a mountain side with long pulls up hill, jumps, rocky terrain, sandy bottoms which is very good for stamina. I am riding the local circuit with the intentions of racing the Northwest MX Series once the competition here stops pushing my limits. This will hopefully be the 2020 or 2021 seasons. My goals are to learn as much as i can to keep up with my dad.

Competitive Highlights

Liam started riding without training wheels right after his first race determined to ride like the big kids within 20 minutes hes was back to ripping it. He raced the following weekend and is focusing on more technical riding. Liam has shown a massive amount of talent in such a short amount of time his skills can only be beaten by his amount of spirit. We are a riding family and the snow doesn't slow us down we also ride snowmobiles which Liam wants to learn this upcoming winter. Anything you can do to help Liam ride is greatly appreciated.