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Personal History

My name is Kevin Greene and I am 7 yrmears old. I am a student in Second grade, play AYSO soccer, student of Karate and just recieved my Yellow belt, and consistantly training or swimming or running. 2018 was my first year riding and racing. I have raced 2 series starting with the Stadiumcross at Glen Hellen on my PW 50. After that series, I practiced more and got a KTM 50sx before racing. Precision Concepts lowered the suspension front and rear to help me with balance and improved my riding. I finished 2018 off with the AME Minicross series. I had learned so much and enjoyed making friends at the races and track during practice.

Riding Goals

Looking forward to racing the Transworld MX EL Dorado series along with Stadiumcross and AME Minicross series with a couple more where I can fit them in.

Competitive Highlights

Getting First place my first two races.