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Personal History

I have a big family. I have 3 brothers and my mom and dad at home. We all love MOTORCYCLES!!

I've been riding since I was 5 years old on a 50 but had a crash early on and didn't really get into racing until this year. I am 10 years old now and I'm not afraid any more. All I want to do is ride my bike.

My friends who ride talked me into trying out riding after my crash and helped me to be confident again.

I like to ride at Barona Track and try and do really big whips. I also ride at June Lake and Mammoth on the trails. They have a cool track up there too.

I also ride with Marty Smith at Pala raceway in San Diego. He's my Coach and he is awesome. He was once a WORLD CHAMPION!! It's really cool that my parents have him help me and train me. I ride about 3 times a week at least. I want to ride more but I have to do school work also. My favorite type of riding is on the track. Trail riding is fun also but I really love riding on the tracks and learning how to take my turns faster and catch as much air as I can.

We have Barona, Pala and 212 tracks close by plus I have one at my house in Lakeside CA.

Thanks for reading

Riding Goals

To get to a intermediate level next year.

To be able to race the 85 class and win.

To clear all the BIG JUMPS on the big track.

Make my turns better.

To have lots of fun with all my rider friends most of all!

Competitive Highlights

I have 4 motocross trophies that I won this year when I started riding again.

I have a bunch of bmx trophies too and I was trained by Dale Holmes a world champion.

I like to race most of all and even if I don't always get a trophy, I try and have fun and learn from my races.

I am very excited to get better and learn more. All I want to do is ride my bike and, oh yeah, do good in school too.