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Personal History

Age:  14 Rank:  Amateur
Bike: 2003 KX100 Classes(s):  Beginner (85cc-112cc), Super Mini (85cc-112cc)
Competition Events:
Southern Supercross Series. Scheduled every other weekend
I started learning how to ride my dirt bike January of this year (2018). My Dad has worked with me a lot and I practice almost everyday or when I can. On July 14, I entered into my very first race in the Beginner Class. I finished 3rd in my first heat and the final. I was up front at the white flag and I crashed but got up and managed to finish 3rd place. My next race I entered on July 28th.  I was going to race in the Beginner class and Super Mini class, unfortunately my bike broke down and I was unable to finish the race. My parents struggle financially but I hope I can get my bike ready for the next coming up race on August 17, 2018.
My hobbies are fishing, video games and watching motocross videos on YouTube when the weather is not fit for me too ride my dirt bike. My goal is to be a professional Motocross Rider and I am a fan of Eli Tomac.
It would be a privilege to be an ambassador for your product. I really trust your brand for safety and comfort. Wearing your brand and using your product on my bike I feel like it is a name I can put my trust in. I value and appreciate any sponsors to help me in my endeavors.


Riding Goals

I strive to be the best I can be. I practice hard to better my skill on the track. My goal is to be a professional Motocross Rider. 

Competitive Highlights

My first race I manage to get up front just when I thought I had the race. White flag waving my last lap, I wrecked I got back on my bike as quick as I could and caught back up and placed 3rd.