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Personal History

Hi im 19 years old. I've been around bikes my hole life i started riding when i was 9 i started a little late but i rode long & hard to get myself good enough to compete an win. I won a few an lost a few but i am a really talented rider. I can look at a track an tell myself how to get though it fast when i get ready to race i get everthing out of my head and focus on the goal ahead of me. I try my best to win but im out there to have fun too. When im not on the track i lke to hunt, fish, playing football, baseball, an basketball.  

Riding Goals

I hope to get sponsored so i can get racing  again and compete. I really miss my racing years, It's been awhile but I'm ready to get my head in the race. I love competion, I like a challenge and racing gives me that adrinaline I need.

Competitive Highlights

In 2004, I won three races. I came in 4th through 10th, in all my other competions. In 2005, I won five races and came in  2nd through 12th in all my other races.