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Personal History

My name is Juan Efren Reyes, some people call me "Merenguito". I'm 18 years old, I was born on July 13th,1994.

I'm from Naranjito, Puerto Rico.

Besides racing, I play college Volleyball.

I like being with my friends, just like any other guy.

I'm in first year of college, In a future, I want to be an business administrator.

Riding Goals

My goal for this year is to win the championship.

My real goal is to compete in the US, turn Pro and represent you guys as my sponsors.

I want to be recognized in Latin America and in the US.

I will represent you guys in every race, every goal, every championship.

Competitive Highlights

85 B (2007): Champion

85 A (2008): Sub Champion

250 B (2009): Champion

250 A (2010): Sub Champion

450 A (2011): Sub Champion

450 A (2012): Champion