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Personal History

Back in 2008 I won 250 C class in motocross. In 2009 I won 450 B class in motocross. Than after that I stopped riding for a couple of years. Last year in 2013 I was interduced to woods racing. This year 2014 I went out to the AWRCS series and ran xc1B. I finished 11th in my class and 49th overall. 


Riding Goals

I always ride and try my hardest on improving on my skills that need improved on. This up coming year in going to set my goals on winning xc1B.My goal in this woods racing is to get up to the pro class in the future. 

Competitive Highlights

2008 I got 1st place in 250  C class for motocross. 2009 I got 1st place 450 B class for motocross. 2014 I got 11th in xc1B and 49th overall in woods racing.