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Personal History

I have been a multi discipline Off Road rider since 1984.  I have competed in MX, hare scramble and Enduro's on the local and national levels.  My racing career was always closely associated with my professional career as a Sports Chiropractor.  Promotion of the sport and of my Chiropractic practice were closely related and I have dedicated a large part of my life to the lifestyle and discipline of MX which has always been my primary riding discipline. I Look forward to many more years of riding, both competitive as well as trail and practice riding to maintain fitness and continue with the mental high that I always experience after a good day of riding.  

Riding Goals

I continue to strive toward perfection and speed every time I get on the bike.  For 25 years I have always been able to show some sort of improvement in my riding style and I honestly think that I continue to get better and stronger with each year.  I schedule my week around the opportunity to ride and always look forward to my time at the track, whether practicing or competing.  Both are just as important to me.  As long as I continue to show improvement I look forward to the next ride.  It will be 30 years this next year and I'm still just as excited to ride now as when I started.