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Personal History

I was born in California and moved to NC when I was 5 years old.  My family did not have much money so racing and having new bikes and gear was not in sight.  My grandfather and I built my first Dirtbike which was a martian 110cc from the junk yard and that is where my journey of loving motorcross began.  I have dreamed of racing since as long as I can remember and continue to move up in dirt bike sizes.  I am able to ride with my friends on back roads and on recreational tracks as often as possible.  My mom is always willing to take my best friends and I to any track to open ride whenever she can. This is my first year racing and I finished 6th place for the SE area qualifiers for Loretta’s. I am pumped!!!  GatorBack was AWSOME finished 18 out of 37! Not bad for first year riding

Riding Goals

Within the next 2 years I want to continue to build my points by competing in AMA events.  Within the next 4 years I want to move to a 450cc and move up into the A class.  Within the next 6 years I want to compete in Lucas Oil Motorcross events.  My main goal is to be like my idol James Stewart.

Competitive Highlights

1st place in 250cc unlimited b/c/d class

1st place in School Boy 2

3rd place in 250cc C Novice 

6th place finish at SE Area qualifier for Loretta’s