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Rider Updates

May 20 2014

Rode at sweeneys today. prepped. first time there, Was very rough and slippery. tough motocross track but makes for good practice adapting to the track and conditions. work tomorrow. hitting the gym on all the off days. practice at ROMP on thursday and prepped practice at archview mx on this sunday. Gonna a progressive week!

May 18 2014

Finally got some seat time today at archview mx park. track condition was awesome, got pretty rutted after a few moto's but the dirt was prime. was rough being off the bike for over a week but my stamina was great and i didn't fatigue as fast due to the hard work off the bike. Planning on riding romp on tuesday or sweeny's on wednesday. updates to follow.

May 13 2014

Havent been out in about a week. Lots of rain in STL, and super windy. Hitting it hard in the gym off the track to prep for the nice weather! Thanks to my awesome sponsor rhyno power for the nutrition products that keep me going!

May 5 2014

Had practice on 05/02 and 05/04. Both were successful days. 5/2 track was in good condition, was able to get good traction with my Dunlop tires! Ktm was running great, good low end power getting over some big tables and step ups. Worked on seat bouncing some more, getting more comfortable, gonna keep practicing. Planning on practice on 5/08 again. More to come on progress.

May 1 2014

Went to practice today at "romp". Hit a table top I've been struggling with. Track conditions were bad as usual. rutted, rough, dry with puddles makes for hard riding. Lots of improvements on using knees to control bike in the air. Worked on seat bouncing, Still a very hard skill for me. Did well on some smaller doubles and practice on table tops. I need someone to push me out on the track. Getting more comfortable with the new KTM, suspension is getting dialed in the past few rides. Needing a new rear tire soon due to dry track conditions eating it up. I need to work on entrance into corners, I don't think the dry rutted track is helping but I could use some pointers. Hoping to get out tomorrow If not I will be riding this weekend at archview mx which will be fully prepped. will update next ride.